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Professional Experience
Over 8 years experience in providing one stop solutions to meet the requirements for machinery.We take great pride in keeping our good business reputation Since 2010.With high level of experience in our business area,we always do our best to offer service
International Sales Team
Our professional team will work 24hrs/7d with enthusiasm to respondclients inquires and questions. Most of your concems will be respondedwithin 12 hours to save your valuable time
Competitive Price
Our company aim to earn a reasonable profit only, not a "maximized" one, more fairer for a long term partnership with our clients. We work closely with China top brand construction machinery manufactures/factories, treated with best dealership prices eve
Fast Delivery
We understand the time value so we deliver every project on time and keep you posted on our progress. Taking advantage of having a wide range of resourses locally, we shorten the delivery time within 7-10 days for standard equiment.
Excellent Logistics Service
We offer differernt combined transportation based on the optimization of cost and service quality by using multiple transport ways (road, rail, sea and air) with different transport units or vehicles.
Guaranteed After-Sales Service
1-year manufacturer's warranty is available. We can arrange worldwide installation of assembly and maintanace for our equipment such as concrete batching plant, asphalt mixing plant, crusher plant, etc.
Who We Are
Our company focus on providing quality assurance solution for the needs of machinery since2010, with a wide range of top-quality, reasonably priced options. As a result of 8-year experience, specialized in consulting and in sales of machinery, our company stives to ensure that our equipment meets the highest possible standards of quality and durability.
Our equipment have entered more than 50 countries all over the world. From numerous comparison and feedbacks form our clients, our prices are favorable, our service is reliable, Therefore, do not hesitate to contact our sales and ask for more details if you have any questions.
Our Recent Events
One unit XCMG 5 tons wheel loader ZL50GN has been contained into 40HQ
One unit XCMG 5 tons wheel loader ZL50GN(with 3 m3 rock bucket and Weichai engine) has been contained into 1*40HQ on 5th of December, 2019.
Asphalt distributor 4000L and spare parts exported on 27th of November
One unit asphalt Asphalt distributor 4000L and Sauer Danfoss hydraulic pumps, Sauer Danfoss hydraulic motors, radiators and PMP reducers for transit mixers exported to Indonesia, on 27th of November, 2019.
XCMG Horizontal Directional Drill XZ360E exported on 24th of Nov
One unit XCMG Horizontal Directional Drill XZ360E(with Dongfeng Cummins 6BTAA5.9 diesel engine, drill rod φ73mm*100 pcs, drill head, reamers, connector, mud system with mud antifreeze and mud cleaning, and DigiTrak Falcon F5 locator, etc.), exported on 24
XCMG wheel loader LW300KN and knuckle crane SQ4ZK2 exported together
One unit XCMG wheel loader LW300KN with 2.5m3 light material bucket and one unit knuckle boom crane SQ4ZK2 have been loaded into one 40HQ and exported to Argentina, on 12th of November, 2019.
Highlight! XCMG V7 series concrete machinery shines in the Philippines
From November 7th to 10th, the 30th Philconstruct Philippines International Construction Machinery and Mining Machinery Exhibition was held in Manila, the capital of the Philippines. In order to further expand the influence of China's construction machine
XCMG re-entered the "3rd China Machinery Industry (Russia) Brand Exhibition"
The 3rd China Machinery Industry (Russia) Brand Exhibition, which was specially designed for Chinese companies by the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Mechanical and Electrical Products, Messe Frankfurt, and the Russian Chamber of Commer
10m3 Concrete Mixer Drum exported to Argentina on 3rd of Nov
One unit 10m3 concrete mixer drum exported to Argentina on 3rd of Nov, 2019.
XCT100-I, XCT110-I, XCT130-I, XCMG new hundred tons, which one is better for you?
The G-generation pilot version has been launched in the market for more than two months. Whether it is a 25-ton small steel gun, an 80-ton all-powerful king, or a 100-ton three-swordsman, this upgraded version of the product has won the attention and favo
Pure technology! New mobile crane running-in precautions
The new crane running-in is an important stage to ensure the long-term driving of the car. After the running-in period, the surface of the moving parts of each part will be fully meshed, thus prolonging the service life of the car crane chassis. Therefore
One unit XCMG excavator XE370CA exported to Mozambique
One unit XCMG excavator XE370CA was exported to Mozambique on 26th of October, 2019.
XCMG forestry clamp loader LW300FN with wood clamp exported
XCMG forestry clamp loader LW300FN with wood clamp exported on 8th of October, it is specially designed for log handling.
XCMG spare parts for wheel loader ZL50GN
One batch of XCMG ZL50G wheel loader spare parts exported to Sudan, including Pomke hydraulic pump 803013093, air brake valve, boom cylinder pin, bucket pin 80215, brake pads DA1170.4.2, engine, red light filter, variable speed pump, steering pin 2521129,
One unit XCMG wheel loader LW300KN exported to Indonesia
One unit XCMG 3 tons wheel loader LW300KN, has been exported to Indonesia on 25th of September,2019.
One unit XCMG 5 tons wheel loader ZL50GN exported to Peru
One unit XCMG 5 tons wheel loader ZL50GN exported to Peru on 27th of August, 2019.
One unit XCMG 25 tons truck crane QY25K5-I export to Georgia
One unit XCMG 25 tons truck crane QY25K5-I export to Georgia.
XCMG's new 80-ton crane is finally coming!
XCMG's new 80-ton crane is finally coming!
Tower crane electrical maintenance and troubleshooting
The tower crane (hereinafter referred to as the tower crane) electrical system is divided into five parts: power supply, walking, turning, lifting and luffing. The 5 parts of the electrical system are connected by the main power supply cable, the operatio
One Unit 5000L Oil Tanker with Dongfeng 4x2 chassis was exported to Cook Island
500L fuel truck with Dongfeng 4X2 chassis, Cummins engine, aluminum alloy tank, exported to Cook Islands
3 Units TWIN SHAFT CONCRETE MIXER SICOMA MAO 4500/3000 exported to Southeast Asia
3 Units TWIN SHAFT CONCRETE MIXER SICOMA MAO 4500/3000 exported to Southeast Asia, 3m3 discharge capacity
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