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Professional Experience
Over ten years experience in providing one stop solutions for machinery. We take great pride in keeping our good business reputation Since 2008. With high level of experience in our business area, we always do our best to offer service.
International Sales Team
Our professional team will work 24hrs/7d with enthusiasm to respondclients inquires and questions. Most of your concems will be respondedwithin 12 hours to save your valuable time
Competitive Price
Our company aim to earn a reasonable profit only, not a "maximized" one, more fairer for a long term partnership with our clients. We work closely with China top brand construction machinery manufactures/factories, treated with best dealership prices.
Fast Delivery
We understand the time value so we deliver every project on time and keep you posted on our progress. Taking advantage of having a wide range of resourses locally, we shorten the delivery time within 7-10 days for standard equiment.
Excellent Logistics Service
We offer differernt combined transportation based on the optimization of cost and service quality by using multiple transport ways (road, rail, sea and air) with different transport units or vehicles.
Guaranteed After-Sales Service
1-year manufacturer's warranty is available. We can arrange worldwide installation of assembly and maintanace for our equipment such as concrete batching plant, asphalt mixing plant, crusher plant, etc.
Who We Are
Our company focus on providing quality assurance solution for the needs of machinery since 2008, with a wide range of top-quality, reasonably priced options. As a result of 15-year experience, specialized in consulting and in sales of machinery, our company stives to ensure that our equipment meets the highest possible standards of quality and durability.
In addition to being an official sales representative for XCMG. In order to better control the quality, we have invested in our own factories in different fields such as mini loaders, forklifts, and diesel generators, etc.
Our equipment have entered more than 50 countries all over the world. From numerous comparison and feedbacks form our clients, our prices are favorable, our service is reliable, Therefore, do not hesitate to contact our sales and ask for more details if you have any questions.
Our Recent Events
XCMG's brand new 10 tons is on the market! 28-meter main boom, double winch!
For many initial start-up customers, it is very important to choose a "rich tool" with strong lifting capacity, rich configuration, and most importantly, reliable quality! Now XCMG's new 10-ton XCT10L4 is on the market, meeting your needs for entry-level
XCMG's newly upgraded plug-in electric model QY25K5D_3 crane
In order to meet the needs of customers, XCMG launched the high-performance charging model QY25K5C_2, which is firmly in the throne of performance and quality among various electric motor models in the industry. The QY25K5D_3 of XCMG's 42m main arm, which
XCMG truck-mounted cranes make Pengcheng full of autumn colors
In just half a day, during the lifting and lowering of the booms of three XCMG truck-mounted cranes, the sycamore trees on both sides of Hanyuan Avenue in front of the Xuzhou Olympic Stadium were removed, leaving the ground golden. This touch of gold in l
XCMG Machinery interprets "China and Thailand as one family" with practical actions
Recently, in the expansion project of Suvarnabhumi Airport, one of the important livelihood projects of Thailand's "Eastern Economic Corridor" plan and "Thailand 4.0" economic strategy, more than 30 XCMG equipment such as excavators, loaders, and road mac
XCMG XCA1600 Helps Transform and Upgrade Bangladesh Power Grid
It took 3 days and 2 nights to hoist XCMG XCA1600, a sharp tool from China: a giant fan with a single blade length of 77 meters and a blade and hub weighing 80 tons was perfectly docked with the engine room at an altitude of 100 meters, which is equivalen
XCMG’s XCA2600, The World's Largest Tonnage All-Terrain Crane Successfully Hoisted for The First Time
The world's largest tonnage all-terrain crane made its debut and successfully completed the hoisting of the largest wind turbine on land. On November 14-15, XCMG's 2,600-ton all-terrain crane once again became the top class in the construction machinery i
Countdown to two days! Bauma 2022: XCMG feast is about to start
XCMG (SHE:000425) will exhibit at the bauma 2022 from October 24 to 30 in Munich, Germany, highlighting latest technologies and products that represent the group's digital, green and intelligent development roadmap. 
2 Units XCMG XC740K Mini Skid Steer Loader Exported to Latin America
2 Units XCMG XC740K mini skid Steer loader exported to Latin America, with famous Japanese YANMAR diesel engine, on 11th of October.
Exploring the African rainforest and watching XCMG's "Hercules" transport logs skillfully
In the depths of a rainforest in Africa, several XCMG wood clamps "opened their huge mouths" firmly "bite" the huge logs, and carried out the transfer operation in an orderly manner with the cooperation of XCMG skidders, helping the construction of local
2 Units XCMG ZL50GN Wheel Loader Exported to Argentina
2 Units XCMG ZL50GN Wheel Loader Exported to Argentina, on 29th of September.
XCMG XCT95L7 Mobile Truck Crane 95 Tons Exported to Argentina
XCMG XCT95L7 Mobile Truck Crane 95 Tons  Exported to Argentina, Shipped by roro vessel on 20th of September.
XCMG XC740K Skid Steer Loader Exported to Brazil
XCMG XC740K Skid Steer Loader Exported to Brazil, with Xinchai diesel engine, on 20th of September.
XCMG XE245DK Hydraulic Excavator Exported to Guatemala
XCMG XE245DK Hydraulic Excavator Exported to Guatemala, on 17th of September.
XCMG XE215DA Hydraulic EXCAVATOR Exported to Argentina by HITOP
XCMG XE215DA Hydraulic EXCAVATOR Exported to Argentina by HITOP, on 10th of September.
4 Units XCMG ZL50GN Wheel Loader Exported to Peru
4 Units XCMG ZL50GN Wheel Loader Exported to Peru with oil bath air filter, on 5th of September.
2 Units XCMG LW180K Wheel Loader Exported to Colombia
2 Units XCMG LW180K Wheel Loader Exported to Colombia, on 23rd of August.
Powerful choice for 100 tons - XCMG Crane QY110K7C
XCMG crane QY110K7C is a five-axle, three-wheel drive, three-turn, double-fuel tank design. Weichai 460 horsepower high-power engine, equipped with 12-speed automatic transmission, classic low-speed high-torque power transmission system, more powerful in
XCMG ZL50GN Loader were Exported to Peru by HITOP
One unit 5 tons wheel loader ZL50GN has been exported to Peru, on 20th of June , 2022.
XCMG XCR30 Rough Terrain Crane 30 tons Exported to Fiji
XCMG XCR30 Rough Terrain Crane 30 tons Exported to Fiji, on 19th of June , 2022.
How to Maintain the Five Major Parts of an Excavator
Excavators work hard with their operators on weekdays to carry out construction in various places. After the excavator is under construction, it also needs to be maintained and maintained to maintain the equipment with sufficient power and efficient opera
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