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Professional Experience
Over ten years experience in providing one stop solutions for machinery. We take great pride in keeping our good business reputation Since 2008. With high level of experience in our business area, we always do our best to offer service.
International Sales Team
Our professional team will work 24hrs/7d with enthusiasm to respondclients inquires and questions. Most of your concems will be respondedwithin 12 hours to save your valuable time
Competitive Price
Our company aim to earn a reasonable profit only, not a "maximized" one, more fairer for a long term partnership with our clients. We work closely with China top brand construction machinery manufactures/factories, treated with best dealership prices.
Fast Delivery
We understand the time value so we deliver every project on time and keep you posted on our progress. Taking advantage of having a wide range of resourses locally, we shorten the delivery time within 7-10 days for standard equiment.
Excellent Logistics Service
We offer differernt combined transportation based on the optimization of cost and service quality by using multiple transport ways (road, rail, sea and air) with different transport units or vehicles.
Guaranteed After-Sales Service
1-year manufacturer's warranty is available. We can arrange worldwide installation of assembly and maintanace for our equipment such as concrete batching plant, asphalt mixing plant, crusher plant, etc.
Who We Are
Our company focus on providing quality assurance solution for the needs of machinery since 2008, with a wide range of top-quality, reasonably priced options. As a result of 15-year experience, specialized in consulting and in sales of machinery, our company stives to ensure that our equipment meets the highest possible standards of quality and durability.
In addition to being an official sales representative for XCMG. In order to better control the quality, we have invested in our own factories in different fields such as mini loaders, forklifts, and diesel generators, etc.
Our equipment have entered more than 50 countries all over the world. From numerous comparison and feedbacks form our clients, our prices are favorable, our service is reliable, Therefore, do not hesitate to contact our sales and ask for more details if you have any questions.
Our Recent Events
Working at an altitude of 3,800 meters, diesel excavators VS electric excavators
In recent years, with the vigorous development of infrastructure, the output of Chinese machinery, especially excavators, has experienced a blowout growth. A battle over the market share of large construction machinery has already started, domestic brands
Motor Grader GR215 with front dozer and rear ripper Exported to Togo
One Unit Motor Grader GR215 with front dozer and rear ripper Exported to Togo on 18th of April, 2022.
The longest 90.5m main boom at the same level + 2100t.m + multi-mode super lift, all-round XCA700
When the profits of the hoisting market are shifting to the large-tonnage market, many business owners have aimed at the trend of the hoisting market and purchased large-tonnage cranes one after another to enter the large-tonnage market. XCMG's new produc
XCMG XLZ2103S XLZ2303 Road Cold Recycling Machine Exported to Guinea Together
XCMG XLZ2103S XLZ2303 Road Cold Recycling Machine Exported to Guinea Together. 24th of March, 2022.
Lithium Battery 48V420AH Exported to Argentina
On 22th of March, 2022, the lithium battery 48V420AH was exported to Argentina, and the customer purchased the battery to use on the 2.5 ton electric forklift truck(battery powered forklift).
One Unit Mini Loader HL908E with CE and Euro 5 Engine Exported to Italy
One Unit Mini Loader HL908E configuration Euro 5 Kubota Engine diesel engine with CE Exported to Italy, on 21st March, 2022.
Spare Parts of XCMG ZL50GN LW300KN LW321F Loader were Exported to Argentina by HITOP
Spare Parts of XCMG ZL50GN LW300KN LW321F Loader were Exported to Argentina by HITOP.
4 Units XCMG ZL50GN with Oil Bath Air Filter Exported to Nigeria
4 units XCMG wheel loaders ZL50GN with Shanghai engine 162KW and Oil Bath Air Filter have been exported to Nigeria, on 9th of November, 2022.
Six Units JS GOLDEN 90HP 4WD Agricultural Tractors exported to Ecuador
6 units JS GOLDEN Agricultural Tractors (90 HP, 4WD) Exported to Ecuador, have been contained into 2*40HC on 4th of March, 2022.
46m main boom + 7.9m large span, the vehicle structure is optimized
Among the 50-ton class, XCMG's products have the best combination of performance, pricing and configuration, and are deeply loved by customers. XCMG launches QY50K5C_1 again!
1m3 XCMG LW180KV Mini Loader Exported to Australia
1m3 XCMG LW180KV Mini Loader Exported to Australia, on 1st March, 2022.
XC6-4517K Telehandler 17m 4.5 ton Exported to Georgia by HITOP
XC6-4517K Telehandler 17m 4.5 ton Exported to Georgia on 26th of February.
XCMG XTF5017K 5 tons 17m Telehandler was exported to Panama
XCMG XTF5017K 5 tonne Telehandler was exported on 25th of February
Truck Mounted Crane XCMG SQ4ZK2 SQ5ZK2Q Exported to Argentina
Truck Mounted Crane 4 tons XCMG SQ4ZK2 5 tons SQ5ZK2Q exported to Argentina together on 18th of February,2022.
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