XR168E Rotary Drilling Rig Helps 400 Million Projects

Publication Date: 2022-06-01
How about the positioning of the XCMG XR168E rotary drilling rig with rod transportation? In the project with an investment of nearly 400 million yuan, let's take a look at its piling effect.

The polyisobutylene project has a total investment of 398 million yuan. After completion, it will form a high-quality medium-molecular polyisobutylene production line with an annual output of 25,000 tons. The pile foundation construction is mostly cast-in-place piles with a pile diameter of 600mm. The number of pile foundations is large, the construction period is tight, and the drilling rig moves frequently, which requires extremely high mobility and flexibility of the construction equipment.
Traditional models have certain limitations for such projects with strong mobility requirements, but the XCMG XR168E rotary drilling rig has its own "flash".


The XCMG XR168E rotary drilling rig "running with rods" began to lead in the transition time. Its main winch has fast lifting and lowering speeds, and the power head has large torque and fast rotation speed. It can drill down, lift and lower a complete set Action in one go!
Under the condition of good coordination of various machinery and construction processes on the construction site, about 22-26 holes are formed every day, and the customer is extremely satisfied with the efficiency of hole forming.


In the case of high oil prices, customers are also very concerned about the fuel consumption of a single pile. XCMG XR168E rotary drilling rig achieves fast speed and fuel saving. Many highlights also allow it to change from various brands and models of rotary drilling rigs. It stood out from the excavation and became a well-deserved "C king" in the field of housing construction and fencing pile construction.
XCMG XR168E rotary drilling rig is a new E-series small tonnage product launched by XCMG this year. It adopts double boom large parallelogram luffing mechanism, with large support angle, 24% increase in support range, and more stable operation; strong engine power and oil adaptability Higher; hydraulic main system adopts large displacement main pump with low-speed engine, lower fuel consumption and higher efficiency...