XCT100-I, XCT110-I, XCT130-I, XCMG new hundred tons, which one is better for you?

Publication Date: 2019-10-29
From the big arm to the bottom plate, it is fully upgraded. It is specially designed for users who already have 50-80 tons and want to expand to 100-ton business.

4 bridge steering, comparable to the full ground chassis.

The first four-wheel drive, three-wheel drive, four-wheel drive freely switchable, fuel-efficient and high-strength pass can satisfy you

The maximum speed is 90km/h and the maximum climbing capacity is 45%.

Standard high-speed heavy-duty 385/95R25 all-terrain tires;

The XCT110-1 short-distance transition can carry hooks, jibs, sub-rolls and wire ropes, and 22.5t counterweight; XCT110-I and XCT130-I can carry 24t counterweight and heavy-duty transitions.

K-type double-legged legs, limited working space and more flexible operation!
Ultra-large tonnage X-leg evolution form, 360° no weak point performance, more rigidity! The deformation is smaller! More carrying capacity! The hoisting weight is more stable.

XCT100-I: six-section "U-shaped" 65-meter main boom, maximum lifting capacity: 100 tons, maximum lifting height: 98 meters, maximum working radius: 68 meters.

XCT110-I: Seven-section "U-shaped" 75-meter main boom, maximum lifting capacity: 110 tons, maximum lifting height: 100.8 meters, maximum working radius: 64 meters.

XCT130-I: six-section "U-shaped" 65-meter main boom, maximum lifting capacity: 130 tons, maximum lifting height: 95.5 meters, maximum working radius: 66 meters.

Double tank design!
Autonomous switching, you can also add different grades of fuel, ultra-high cruising range ability, from the southern sun like a fire can directly open to the northern ice and snow!