XCMG’s XCA2600, The World's Largest Tonnage All-Terrain Crane Successfully Hoisted for The First Time

Publication Date: 2022-11-14
The world's largest tonnage all-terrain crane made its debut and successfully completed the hoisting of the largest wind turbine on land. On November 14-15, XCMG's 2,600-ton all-terrain crane once again became the top class in the construction machinery industry. It has been focused on many reports such as CCTV's "News Network", "Economic Information Network", "China News", "News Live Room", and "Morning News".

On November 14, XCMG XCA2600, the world's largest all-terrain crane independently developed by my country, completed the installation of the largest wind turbine on land for the first time, achieving a new breakthrough in operating efficiency and lifting performance, marking that China continues to maintain the world's largest, The research and development record of the all-terrain crane with the strongest hoisting capacity has become another milestone in the high-quality and high-speed development of "Made in China".

At the site of the Three Gorges New Energy Liutuan 50 MW wind power project in Changyi, Shandong, the wind turbine was successfully hoisted by XCMG's 2,600-ton all-terrain crane. The maximum weight of a single unit component can reach 171 tons, which is equivalent to the combined weight of more than 100 family cars. The lifting capacity of the crane can reach 2,600 tons, especially at a lifting height of 160 meters, it can achieve a limit lifting capacity of 173 tons, which once again refreshes the world record for the highest and maximum lifting capacity of an all-terrain crane.

Today, as one of the leading industries with domestic carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, wind power equipment manufacturing is developing in the direction of "higher, heavier, larger" large-scale, and the lifting weight is larger and the lifting height is higher. Lifting and installation equipment with higher efficiency for high and heavy load transitions and safer technical support has become a necessary guarantee for the rapid development of my country's wind power industry.

The chief designer of XCA2600 said that XCMG has carried out independent research and development on all-terrain cranes above the thousand-ton class, and has successfully replaced imported ones. As a global record holder, we have a wheeled crane with the highest lifting capacity off the production line every two years. The 2,600-ton all-terrain crane can cover more than 90% of the wind turbine hoisting in the country, and increase the hoisting efficiency of super-large wind turbines by 30%-50%. For the realization of the goal of wind power installation during the 14th Five-Year Plan period, it will continue to output the power of a major country.