XCMG's newly upgraded plug-in electric model QY25K5D_3 crane

Publication Date: 2022-11-28
The additional benefits and other benefits of electric cranes have been tested by the market, and many customers are also inclined to electric cranes after evaluating their needs and business.

In order to meet the needs of customers, XCMG launched the high-performance charging model QY25K5C_2, which is firmly in the throne of performance and quality among various electric motor models in the industry. The QY25K5D_3 of XCMG's 42m main arm, which is famous for its high cost performance and high quality, now has a new upgraded charging function.

Charging "safety" is very important, even as important as hoisting safety itself. XCMG's charging system adheres to this principle and has developed a safe and strong high-quality plug-in system based on the high-performance KC platform.

Safety cannot be discounted! Therefore, this system is completely reserved for the new KD series electric products with high cost performance. While enjoying the super cost-effective, you can also experience the charging technology full of "safety"!


When it comes to electricity use, it must be fully enclosed and highly protected, otherwise it will save money and not feel at ease!

QY25K5D_3 uses vehicle-grade high-voltage electronic control components and cast aluminum housing motor controller, which is arranged on the right side of the walking platform, with a high position and no risk of wading;

The outer layer is also protected by a special protective cover to achieve a higher IP67 protection level. High-pressure flushing the car is sealed inside and outside without fear of leakage risk.


QY25K5D_3 can be connected to the power supply with single or double guns, and has corresponding circuit breakers respectively, which makes the connection more flexible. When using the maximum power, it can avoid being affected by the bearing capacity of the circuit breaker, and there is no risk of tripping and burning the fuse.

When lifting heavy objects, the power of the motor surges, and the cable is too thin to cause ablation and damage.

QY25K5D_3 uses two 16mm² large-section cables with a maximum operating power of 60kw. The power cable has a strong carrying capacity and is no problem for long-term heavy loads. The high-performance frequency conversion function of the motor controller, the system runs stably, the start and stop have no impact on the power grid, and there are multiple guarantees.


QY25K5D_3 uses a high-power motor. If the motor power is small, the low-grade power cannot meet all the needs, the hoist cannot be lifted, and the heavy work is powerless. QY25K5D_3 uses a high-power motor to work more vigorously. It does not generate heat during long-term operation, and is more suitable for heavy-duty hoisting of vehicles. The peak power is large, and it can better cope with the power fluctuation when lifting weight!

The charging mode can be entered with one key, and the outrigger operation and the boarding operation can be carried out under the condition of electricity. It also has a hand throttle to infinitely adjust the motor idle speed, which makes the operation more convenient and the low-speed operation more accurate. Let the operator easily use the XCMG plug-in crane!