Working at an altitude of 3,800 meters, diesel excavators VS electric excavators

Publication Date: 2022-05-13
In recent years, with the vigorous development of infrastructure, the output of Chinese machinery, especially excavators, has experienced a blowout growth. A battle over the market share of large construction machinery has already started, domestic brands have risen rapidly, and technology and manufacturing levels have grown by leaps and bounds. Progress, especially the increasing market share of domestic leading brands led by XCMG.
Evaluation of the machinery
XCMG XE215DA, XE245DK hydraulic excavators
XCMG XE215E, XE270E electric hydraulic excavators

This project is located in Kangding City, Sichuan Province. It is a plateau tunnel construction project with an altitude of more than 3,800 meters. Due to the high altitude and hypoxia of the site, the construction is very difficult, and the requirements for mechanical equipment are also very high. The project used four XCMG excavators, namely two hydraulic excavators XCMG XE215DA and XE245DK; two XCMG electric hydraulic excavators XE215E and XE270E.
XCMG diesel excavator (XE215DA, XE245DK)

XE215DA adopts Cummins 135KW engine, XE245DK adopts Cummins 150KW engine, equipped with Japanese hydraulic system, 215 bucket capacity is 1.05m, 245 bucket capacity is 1.3m, it is a backhoe excavator; Connecting devices, breakers, rippers, cab safety protection, etc. Since the equipment entered the site in November 2020, it has been constructed for more than 9 months at an altitude of more than 3800 meters and an ambient temperature of -20℃~20℃ , It is perfectly competent for the work of crushing, risk removal, and slag cleaning during the excavation of tunnel tunnel sections.

"Large digging force, fast moving and turning speed, and high loading efficiency" is the most evaluation of XCMG in the project. XCMG excavators adopt engines with lower fuel consumption, a new generation of high-efficiency hydraulic systems, and "independent intelligent control of sub-pumps". ” and other advanced technologies, so as to achieve the excellent performance of “shorter time and lower fuel consumption under the same workload”.
XCMG electric excavators (XE215E, XE270E electric hydraulic excavators)

The two electric excavators entered the site in December 2020. Since it was the first time to use electric equipment, the project department also placed great expectations. XE215E and XE270E electric hydraulic excavators use well-known Dana electric motors in the industry and Ningde era battery packs, replace "oil" with "electricity", are equipped with Japan's hydraulic system, use automotive-grade key electronic accessories, and IP67-level electrical protection standards; The pressure-type cab is comfortable to drive and has good dust-proof effect; the composite shock absorber is equipped with two-stage elastic buffer mechanism, the vibration and impact of the battery are small; the multi-fan independent control, the noise is low; the equipment adopts the power adaptive based on differential control. technology, the ultra-high instantaneous power of the motor is highly responsive.

The energy consumption of the XE215E is less than 50kWh per hour, and the energy consumption of the XE270E is less than 65kWh per hour. It has fast charging and strong battery life. It can work continuously for 5 to 8 hours after a single charge of 1 hour. Zero emission and no pollution, and the power is not lost to the same type of fuel equipment, which solves the problem of performance degradation of high-altitude fuel engines.

Through the use of two hydraulic excavators XE215DA, XE245DK and two electric excavators XE215E and XE270E: XCMG equipment has advanced performance, safety and reliability, low fuel consumption of diesel models, strong battery life of electric motors, high operating efficiency, comfortable operation, and maintenance. convenient. It is an ideal equipment for tunnel excavation and crushing operations in plateau and low temperature conditions, and can well meet the project construction requirements.