The longest 90.5m main boom at the same level + 2100t.m + multi-mode super lift, all-round XCA700

Publication Date: 2022-04-12
When the profits of the hoisting market are shifting to the large-tonnage market, many business owners have aimed at the trend of the hoisting market and purchased large-tonnage cranes one after another to enter the large-tonnage market. XCMG's new product XCA700 is coming! From bulk hoisting to bridging and wind power maintenance, it is omnipotent.

Top lifting performance, omnipotent

XCA700 has the industry's longest 90.5m main boom, and the only lifting moment in the industry reaches 2100t.m. Such a high lifting moment brings a significant lead in lifting capacity Wind power.

maintenance: 80m wheel hub center height, rated lifting weight 100t
Bridge condition: arm length 51m, amplitude 20m, lifting capacity 95t


During the period when infrastructure projects are in full swing, they are engaged in bridge construction and road construction, and petrochemical projects to win high return on investment; when wind power installed capacity has reached a large scale, XCA700 is in the 80-100-meter wind power maintenance business, and XCA700 is omnipotent and maximizes revenue .

Five-wheel drive strength, invincible through performance

Super-large tonnage cranes are often a mighty fleet. At present, transportation and labor operation costs are increasing. With strong dual-engine power, seven-axle and five-wheel drive all-terrain chassis, XCA700 can deal with sites with large slopes and reduce the use of trailers before and after. Pull, save money and worry without delaying the progress of the project, and win market reputation.

In the case of heavy load transition, it can carry the main boom and overlift, and on the basis of heavy load, the XCA700 can reach a higher driving speed, with the main boom transition speed: 50km, with the main boom superlift transition speed: 30km , the speed limit exceeds the specified speed, but the speed limit is not limited. It can be seen that the strength of the XCMG crane chassis. The chassis strength must be strong enough to run fast with heavy loads. After working, this is the strength that XCMG large-tonnage cranes can see!

The working form is more comfortable, breaking through the limitations of the site

During bridging operations, the frequent disassembly and assembly of the crane is the most time-consuming. The XCA700 multi-mode superlift can lift the weight without tension or dismantling. With the heavy-duty transition technology, it can always carry the superlift and save money. Frequent disassembly and assembly cost excessive personnel and time. For the same business, using XCA700 is more profitable!

There are three deployment angles for the super lift: 35°, 25°, 15°
Outriggers have three span combinations of full extension, 3/4 extension and half extension

In addition, it has the industry's lowest body height of 4.2m in the super-lifting state, and can pass through lower culverts to avoid the embarrassment of "hoisting halfway and the middle road collapses". Various super-lifting outrigger combinations make the XCA700 work more freely. Easily traverse a variety of narrow venues.

Better configuration and reduced operating expenses

XCMG XCA700 counterweight has high density and small volume. Each block is 390mm high. The 160-ton counterweight is only 2.73 meters high, and the 180-ton counterweight is 3.12 meters high. The center of gravity of the operation is low, and the rotation is safer!