Pure technology! New mobile crane running-in precautions

Publication Date: 2019-10-27

Running-in notes:

1. The running mileage of the new car is 2000km;

2. After the cold engine is started, do not accelerate immediately. Only when the normal operating temperature is reached can the engine speed be increased;

3. The running-in period should be on a flat and good road surface;

4. Should shift gears in time, smoothly engage the clutch to avoid sudden acceleration and emergency braking;

5. Change to low gear in time before going uphill, do not let the engine work at very low speed; check and control the engine oil pressure and the normal temperature of the coolant, always pay attention to the temperature of the transmission, rear axle, hub and brake drum, such as If there is severe fever, the cause should be found and adjusted or repaired immediately;

6. After driving for the first 50 km and after each replacement of the wheel, the wheel nut must be tightened with the specified torque;

7. Check the tightening of bolts and nuts in various parts, especially the cylinder head bolts. When the car is running for 300km, the engine will tighten the cylinder head nut in the specified order in the hot state.

8. Within 2000km of the running-in period, the speed limit of each gear: first gear: 5km/h; second gear: 5km/h; third gear: 10km/h; fourth gear: 15km/h; fifth gear: 25 km/h Six gears: 35 km/h Seven gears: 50km/h; Eight gears: 60 km/h.

9. After the running-in is completed, the vehicle crane chassis should be fully forcedly maintained. Forcible maintenance, please go to the designated repair station.