Powerful choice for 100 tons - XCMG Crane QY110K7C

Publication Date: 2022-06-28
Configure: XCMG crane QY110K7C is a five-axle, three-wheel drive, three-turn, double-fuel tank design. Weichai 460 horsepower high-power engine, equipped with 12-speed automatic transmission, classic low-speed high-torque power transmission system, more powerful in power!

Although QY110K7C is a 100-ton product, it can carry all outriggers, outriggers, spare tires, and main hoisting wire ropes in the announcement state, making it easy to drive on the road, and can carry hooks, jibs, 12t counterweights, and counterweights for short-distance low-speed transitions Reasonable placement, good reliability of the whole vehicle, easy transition, and efficient operation!

Performance:original new single-cylinder bolt telescopic system,seven-section main boom,full-extend boom length 75m,full-extend boom 16m maximum lifting weight 9t,comprehensive lifting performance 5-10% ahead of the same level,it is a hundred-ton seven-
section boom Hanging high weapon!

It also has multi-mode cylinder-controlled steering technology. The fifth axis adopts a special cylinder-controlled steering system for truck cranes: when driving at high speed, the five-axes are automatically locked, which has good driving stability and prevents tail-
flicking; when driving at low speeds, the fifth axis follows up Steering, small turning radius, maneuverability, minimum turning diameter


Its relatively independent dual fuel tank design, which can be switched by buttons in the cab, increases the battery life by 10%. Different grades of diesel can be added to the fuel tank, low-grade diesel is used when the temperature is low, and high-grade diesel is switched when the temperature is high, which is economical.

Control room: full ergonomic work space design, 10.4-inch true color touch screen, 20° tiltable control room, the control room seat has electric heating function, the operation is more comfortable and safe.