Over 3,000 hours in half a year, nearly 8 tons in a bucket, the XCMG LW600FV loader works amazingly efficient

Publication Date: 2019-06-20
The coal chemical industry is an important measure for the transformation of the coal industry. In order to seize the market opportunity of increasing investment infrastructure in China, it is closely following the scientific practice of “ Clear waters and green mountains are as valuable as mountains of gold and silver . Coal chemical enterprises purchase production equipment. More strict, not only to ensure production efficiency, but also to save energy and environmental protection.

XCMG V series loader fully absorbs market feedback and meets the needs of users who are constantly upgrading. With the unique advantages of quality and performance, it has been recognized and favored by customers, and its market share has been rising. In 2017, a large coal chemical company in the northwest of China purchased six XCMG 600FV loaders in one time. A few days ago, we walked into the factory to see how the XCMG loader can help customers save energy and increase efficiency.

Entering the factory area, a busy scene immediately caught in the eye, and the six LW600FV loaders that sparked "XCMG GOLDEN" shuttled back and forth, stacking materials, loading materials, loading cars, and being in an orderly manner.

As the market picks up, the demand for coking coal increases, the factory basically maintains production for 24 hours, the workers are dumped in two shifts, and the equipment is kept to ensure production. Captain Hou told us that the loader is mainly responsible for stacking and sending raw coal to each loading port. In addition to the driver's shift and some simple maintenance, the loader works at least 16 hours a day, and the daily turnover of each coal yard is 70,000 tons.

Only high attendance, low loading capacity, low transfer efficiency, and the same can not create benefits for users. The performance of the XCMG loader is fully recognized by the users.

At the job site, Master Yang told us, “The coke after the spray contains moisture. The weight of the XCMG 600FV loader is seven or eight tons. This is undoubtedly huge for a 6-ton loader. The challenge proves that XCMG 600FV is facing challenges and coping with ease.” In this regard, Master Yang continued, “I have been driving the loader for 10 years, the first time I used such a lightweight device, and it is very flexible, although it is 6 The ton model is faster than the previous 5 tons of steering, and the loading and unloading speeds are also faster. It is worth mentioning that the seat of the XCMG equipment is very comfortable, and the class is not tired. The comfort is improved. The driver's work efficiency is even higher."

With high attendance rate, high efficiency, focusing on customer value and fitting to market demand, Xugong's 6-ton product has become a routine grade product of XCMG. It is far ahead in sales in the same industry and is supported by energy-saving, environmentally friendly and efficient complete solutions. Building green hills and building beautiful China.