Let me show you, XCMG XGC2100W wind power crawler crane!

Publication Date: 2019-05-25
XCMG XGC2100W crawler crane is specially developed for wind power projects in mountainous and hilly areas, meeting the installation and overhaul of 2.5MW wind turbines below 125 meters. In view of the wind farms in the mountainous hills, the assembly space is narrow, and the transition roads are narrow and rugged. The crane innovatively uses the truss telescopic boom technology to meet the large lifting weight and greatly reduce the assembly space requirements. The operation mode of the transition and leg hoisting has strong climbing ability and ground adaptability.

XGC2100W maximum lifting torque: 2200 tons · m, the maximum rated lifting capacity is 110 tons, the main arm is 74.8 meters, the jib is 62.1 meters, the lifting speed is fast, the transition ability is strong, and it is suitable for wind power special lifting conditions.

It is reported that the wind power hoisting is the eighth hoisting task carried out by the XCMG X1002100W crawler crane in this wind farm. It has been in service at this wind farm. XGC2100W crawler cranes have many international leading technologies. Thanks to the high safety performance, strong transition capability and fast lifting speed, the XGC2100W crawler crane has won high praise from users. Continued to consolidate the leading position of Xugong crawler crane products in the field of wind power installation cranes.