How to Maintain the Five Major Parts of an Excavator

Publication Date: 2022-06-10
Excavators work hard with their operators on weekdays to carry out construction in various places. After the excavator is under construction, it also needs to be maintained and maintained to maintain the equipment with sufficient power and efficient operation performance.
The purpose of regular maintenance of excavators is to reduce machine failures and prolong machine life; shorten machine downtime; improve work efficiency and reduce operating costs. By managing fuel, lubricants, water and air, failures can be reduced by 70%. In fact, around 70% of failures are due to poor management.


How to maintain the excavator engine?
The engine oil filter must use normal parts, and replace it according to the specified maintenance cycle;
Before the excavator works, drain water at the bottom of the diesel tank and the oil-water separator;
Check the air filter frequently;
Do not use idle speed for a long time in order to save fuel to prevent carbon deposition;
Check the water tank pump every day to prevent water shortage and leakage, so as not to cause the engine to overheat or flush the cylinder.

the maintenance of the hydraulic walking rotation system
According to regulations, replace the hydraulic oil return filter element, pilot filter element and pay attention to whether there is any impurities on the filter element during the maintenance period. Iron filings, copper filings, etc. Use crusher, hydraulic oil to accelerate deterioration and deterioration;

Do not work without oil for a long time. After replacing hydraulic oil or hydraulic components, pay attention to remove air and pay attention to waterproofing, do not work in deep water, and do not directly wash electrical components with water when cleaning;

Rotary reducer, take the reducer to replace the gear oil periodically.

How to maintain the electrical system of the excavator?
Pay attention to waterproofing and do not work in deep water; when cleaning, do not directly wash electrical components with water; do not stack sundries in the battery box, especially metal tools, which are easy to cause fire; do not use iron wire, copper wire or other non-compliant replacements; excavation When the machine is parked for a long time, the battery line should be disconnected to prevent electric leakage; the instrument computer board, the fuse box sensor solenoid valve and the bus part should be prevented from rain and water immersion.

How to maintain the excavator chassis and tire tracks?
Regularly maintain and check the tires and tracks of the excavator; after wading, when the water flows over the rotating ring gear, pay attention to replacing the butter in the rotating ring gear; when the excavator is parked for a long time, apply butter to the exposed metal parts to prevent rust; oil on the large and small arms The hydraulic cylinder bucket needs to check whether the bolts are loose, fall off or missing every day and fasten them in time; when parking the excavator, pay attention to the surrounding environment and park on a solid, stable and hard road.