Exploring the African rainforest and watching XCMG's "Hercules" transport logs skillfully

Publication Date: 2022-10-08

In the depths of a rainforest in Africa, several XCMG wood clamps "opened their huge mouths" firmly "bite" the huge logs, and carried out the transfer operation in an orderly manner with the cooperation of XCMG skidders, helping the construction of local pillar industries.

It is located in the middle of Africa and straddles the equator. The forest coverage rate is as high as 85%, and the timber resources are abundant. The mining sites can be seen everywhere, and the XCMG clamp-type loader, which is a powerful tool for transporting timber, is widely used.
"The hot and humid climate of the tropical rain forest and the dense vegetation have created a muddy and narrow construction environment, which requires products like XCMG with strong off-road ability and passing ability." The project leader praised while introducing the construction site.

"In 2010, the company started the wood production and processing business, and the choice of XCMG at the beginning is impeccable in terms of product reliability and operational performance, which has provided great help for efficient production and a good start for business development."
The tropical rain forest climate creates distinct dry seasons and rainy seasons. Production is concentrated in the dry season. The high-intensity log transfer operations are performed for more than 12 hours a day in a humid and hot environment. The reliability and performance requirements of the equipment can be imagined.

The LW600KN wood clamp is an improved deforming machine product based on the 6-ton flagship product of XCMG loader. It has a powerful horsepower output of 178kW and is more flexible in operation with a wheelbase of 3350mm.
In view of the situation that the upper clamp body needs to perform complex actions such as lateral flushing and pulling of the material, or the whole machine is prone to damage when turning and walking on rough roads, XCMG specially designed a hinge protection mechanism, and at the same time, the oil cylinder and the cylinder pipeline are carried out. Protection, higher reliability.

Specially introduced here is XCMG XC360 skidder. This model is completely developed based on the collection and transfer conditions of virgin forest wood. It strengthens the protection of the whole machine. The front axle is equipped with a limited-slip differential to avoid tire slippage, which is safe and efficient. Complete log collection and transfer operations.

"Choosing XCMG not only considers product performance, but also is based on XCMG's perfect after-market support in Africa. It is equally important to use peace of mind and peace of mind!" The project leader expressed the voice of users.

Long-term high-intensity continuous operation, timely and effective repair and maintenance of equipment, does have a lot of pressure. At present, the XCMG equipment on the project has been used for more than 4,000 hours, and no major failures affecting production have occurred. XCMG Service conducts inspections on time, and sets up a fully stocked spare parts warehouse near the user's construction site to fully guarantee production.

"Not only the maintenance is timely, but also the XCMG service can always patiently answer the problems we encounter during use. When encountering common problems that everyone has doubts, they also organize small training classes, which is really caring."

Think what the user thinks and do what the user needs. XCMG will continue to provide users in various industries with efficient engineering equipment and complete complete sets of solutions to help global users succeed.