Countdown to two days! Bauma 2022: XCMG feast is about to start

Publication Date: 2022-10-22
XCMG (SHE:000425) will exhibit at the bauma 2022 from October 24 to 30 in Munich, Germany, highlighting latest technologies and products that represent the group's digital, green and intelligent development roadmap. 

XCMG will be at booth FS.1105/4, FS.1105/2 AND FS.1105/7 at the Trade Fair Center Messe München.
XCMG's Participation in Bauma 2019 Review
From 1992 to the present, XCMG will be on the stage of Bauma Germany for the 11th time with the theme of "Innovation for Green", presenting to the world an iconic brand of equipment manufacturing originating from the east of the world.
So what are the highlights of XCMG in this exhibition?
Super strong exhibitor lineup
In this exhibition, XCMG's booth area reached 1,824 square meters, which was the largest in previous exhibitions;

XCMG is bringing its largest exhibition to date at this year's bauma, presenting not only the full series of excavators and integrated sets of road machinery equipment, but also the hoisting, scraping and piling machineries as well as aerial work platforms that have been popular among European customers.

All featured models are customized for the construction market in Europe that excels in intelligent technologies, safety guarantee and reliability.
Green and energy-saving intelligent new products

At the exhibition, guided by customer needs, XCMG will launch more than 10 green, energy-saving and environmentally friendly new energy products that are individually developed for the European high-end market, fully demonstrating the cutting-edge technology, green development and intelligent innovation of construction machinery.

"XCMG is making the new energy transition and transformation, advancing our sustainable strategy for green low-carbon and intelligent new infrastructure and vigorously laying out the development for electronic control, battery and electric drive technologies, we hope to show our latest achievements in the new energy construction machinery development to global audiences at bauma 2022,"  
said Mr. Jiansen Liu, VP of XCMG and GM of XCMG Import and Export Ltd.
Immersive customer experience and feelings
Construction machinery theme Oktoberfest, let delicious German beer and construction machinery have a beautiful encounter;

Human-computer interaction allows you to experience the excellent work efficiency and construction capabilities of XCMG equipment from different perspectives;

Public Open Day, various interesting construction machinery "competitions";

There are also exquisite cultural and products such as "Xu Chenggong" dolls and limited edition models of XCMG's first electric excavator!

Since 1992, XCMG is the first Chinese enterprise to participate in the fair and has never missed an event in the last 30 years. XCMG's rapid development in recent years has built up an all-around network of R&D center, local distribution, supply chain management and an integrated customer services and training center.
At present, XCMG has three subsidiaries in operation in Europe, including a research center, a purchasing center and a sales and services company. XCMG is also running a whole value chain to serve the European market, with strong local support for sales, service, financing, used equipment recycle and more.
"We're actively pushing forward our global strategy, with a strong combination of professional expertise and practical experience in a multi-cultural context, XCMG is committed to create real value and provide high-quality products and services to our customers in Europe," said Liu.